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MPYA series Pneumatic Actuators are designed using Scotch-Yoke technology from MPYA 50 to the largest of MPYA 200.
Scotch-Yoke technology is well known to all users as the most suitable actuator mechanism for valve and damper operation as it produces higher torque at both end positions. Specification of MPYA actuators follow international standards for faster and easier mounting of accessories like Solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners etc.

Ranges available are 1 ONm through 4000Nm double acting, and 5N.m through 1900N.m spring return.
The range of ambient temperature for standard operation is -20 C°~ 80C° as standard (For higher and lower temperature applications please consult manufacturer before placing order).

Mounting dimensions follow 1S05211, DIN3337, NAMUR, VDINDE3845 standards, The drive shafts come in various sizes with double square shaped female bore for accomodating valve shaft, Spring package is pre-compressed for increased safety, Extremely long service life and reliable performance.

MTS Co.,Ltd. also provides limit switch boxes (weather proof, explosion proof), solenoid valves, positioners for modulating services and other pneumatic accessories. De-clutchable gear box for manual operation are also options available in the MTS product range.

Advantage (Scotch Yoke)

The MPYA actuators provide increased torque at open
and close position, this accurately matches the required
torque for practical valve operation.

- Increased torque at the open and close position.
- Compact design and size
- Extremely long cyclic life
- Adjustable center stopper for both open & close positions